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Unionville Heating customers know the value preventative maintenance on their furnace and air conditioners provides to protect the performance and extend reliability of their system. If your present system is out of warranty, we can help your family stay comfortable all year long. Introducing our “We Care” annual service program. We will contact you annually for your furnace, or your air conditioner. We report to our customers with a list of our recommendations including how to get the cooling to the second floor more efficiently. Sign up to receive our reminder notice Unionville Heating & Air Conditioning – Markham HVAC Heating and Cooling “We Care” program click here.

patio heater service and repair

Patio Heater Service and Repair

Propane and gas patio heaters have become more prevalent in the past year.  Since these COVID times began, health experts have advised us to stay ...
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Indoor Air Quality Systems Installation by Unionville Heating

Indoor Air Quality Systems Installation

We spend close most of our time indoors during the winter. Concern over indoor air quality has come about as a result of rising pollution, ...
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Air cleaner and humidifier installation

Air Cleaner and Humidifier Installation

Whole Home Humidifiers Provide Comfort Installing a humidifier in your home is not only beneficial to your family’s health, but also to the health of ...
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Duct work for furnace and air conditioning

Custom Ductwork

Do you have problems cooling or heating your second floor? Read on. Most new home duct systems are inadequately installed. Most cases involve poor workmanship ...
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Customer Service

Polite and Prompt Technicians

Your schedule is important, so our technicians won’t keep you waiting. We are on-time and respectful and our technicians wear boot covers to keep your carpet clean and tidy. We are here to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

Guaranteed Job

Our technicians are highly trained and experts in HVAC service and replacements. We guarantee to do the job right the first time!

Fast Reliable

Expert Heating & Air Conditioning provides fast, reliable, and dependable heating and air conditioning service. We stay within our territory. All our business is local so we’re always close by. If your system needs service, we can help!

Honest and Fair

We are thorough, informative, and knowledgeable and will treat you honestly and fairly. We pay attention to details because it’s the little things that make all the difference.

By Appointment Only

New Ontario Consumer Protection laws are in place to ban door-to-door sales of furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and other related goods or services.  This law effective March 2, 2018 protects consumers from aggressive and misleading contracting at home.  No employee from Unionville Heating will ever visit your house unsolicited.  We’re happy to help with your home HVAC needs.  Please call or e-mail us for an appointment.