Custom Ductwork

Duct work for furnace and air conditioning

Do you have problems cooling or heating your second floor? Read on.

Most new home duct systems are inadequately installed. Most cases involve poor workmanship and the results are a poor air distribution in the house. We offer custom ductwork modifications for residential air conditioning and heating systems and offer a service to set up the furnaces electronics properly. All of our custom ductwork is manufactured with 26 Gauge metal to exacting specifications.

Our custom duct systems are designed to provide the optimum airflow needed to properly heat and cool your home evenly. All of our connections are properly sealed to prevent air leakage and installed according to code.

You should know that the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system is directly related to the design, of your ductwork?

Poorly installed duct systems will be inefficient, that’s why we are often called in to new homes to redesign a better system and to get the second floor cooling better.

When you work with Unionville Heating, you are assured that your custom ductwork be exceptionally well designed and will also be installed by our qualified installation service staff. Ducts must be properly secured and tightly sealed to prevent air leaks and damage.

If your second floor is not cooling up to your standards, or your home is not as comfortable as possible. Call us today and remember advice is always FREE! Click here for a quote.



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