Patio Heater Service and Repair

patio heater service and repair

Propane and gas patio heaters have become more prevalent in the past year.  Since these COVID times began, health experts have advised us to stay home and spend more time outdoors. As a result, many people have extended their living space to the back yard.  Getting the most out of your outdoor living means outdoor heating to extend the seasons.

Patio heaters are gas appliances that can benefit from annual maintenance.  Unionville Heating Service Technician can inspect and clean your patio heater.  We will ensure the unit will function by unblocking obstructions in the pilot tube and verify all connections are clear.  Over the winter, a lot of critters may have found a home in your patio heater.

If your patio heater is not lighting, we can provide repairs.   We can diagnose this issue or any other and perform the necessary repairs.

Get your patio heater serviced when you book your A/C spring maintenance.  Make an appointment here.


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