Ductless Minisplit

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Goodman ductless mini-split AC systems with work best in areas of your house to provide supplemental cooling. The mini-split will provide colling for specific rooms in your home where the temperature isn’t as cool as you’d like. A ductless mini-split AC system is often the choice for homeowners where your HVAC Technician cannot easily install ductwork.

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The 21SERIES is designed to provide you with an energy efficient and affordable solution to ensure your comfort all year long. The 21 SERIES utilizes a combination of efficient technologies to achieve up to a 22.5 SEER rating, reducing electricity usage and lowering your electric bill.Various configurations are available to you so that you can create a unique environment according to your needs. It will allow you to connect up to four indoor units per condenser as if you had a central conditioning system, with all the advantages of a ductless system.


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