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Red Tag Furnace

Ed Bulgin

On November 3 2021 the company we had maintained a service contract with for the past 30 years came out to replace a noisy fan on our furnace. We were surprised when we were told our furnace had a cracked heat exchanger which wasn’t covered by warranty and he “Red Tagged” our furnace, shutting off the gas.

On November 4 2021 at approximately 8:00 pm I filled out Unionville Heating’s online request form for a quote on a replacement furnace for our home. At 8:30 pm I received a call from John St. Germain (owner of Unionville Heating). We discussed my situation and although his work load made it impossible for him to install a new furnace immediately he offered to have one of his technicians come out the next day to see if he could do something to give us temporary heat.

His service technician (Todd) came out the next day and proceeded to test our furnace. He did all the tests required and provided us documented results. Our furnace met or exceeded all the specifications required. Todd removed the red tag from our furnace and contacted Enbridge to notify them of his findings. We would have spent $5000 – $6000 needlessly for a new furnace we didn’t need.

I would genuinely like to thank John and his staff for great service. They were responsive, honest and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to contact them again in the future.