Spring Air Conditioning Service

A message from the President of Unionville Heating Ltd. John St Germain

Important Information To Customers

We remind you to obtain a spring air conditioning service.  Perform an AC service now.   It is most important for units that are builder installed and over 3 years old without ever being serviced.  You could be in for a long wait when the first heat wave arrives in Ontario and your unit doesn’t work.

We receive the same phone calls every year for the last 35 years from customers saying “We had our unit installed 3 years ago and now it’s not working. We called the guy but he is not answering his phone or the number is out of service. My AC unit is still under warranty”

You can save money on the original purchase by buying the lower priced model from an entry level contractor. As a result,  homeowners will now need to spend more money to get the system working properly or replace it altogether.

Get cooled off, Not ripped off

This year is very different from years past, due to the outbreak pandemic.

Now more than ever is the time that we need our air conditioning systems working at their peak performance.  Service your AC unit before the upcoming summer months by a reputable company you see in the community.

Our company usually starts our spring air conditioning service in mid-April.

Covid-19 has changed that.

We service our contract customers’ units by cleaning, testing and running efficiently before the heat hits.

Your home is your castle this year in particular.  People are spending less money on travelling.  Isolation orders have changed our lives.

Be proactive now and stay ahead of the curve.  Decide to have your air conditioning serviced for this cooling season if it’s been over three to five years.

As the owner of Unionville Heating, I see the rush hit every year.

People wait for the first heat wave and end up last in line for service from a qualified and respected company. In light of that, some people opt to work with any contractor, one that can be in your home in a few hours. Unfortunately for these customers, they set themselves up for disappointment and waste their money on cut rate pricing and poor workmanship.

Skilled labour is not cheap and cheap labour is not skilled.

Plan ahead, do your research and you’ll find that our company will be here to take the best care of your home and your family because “WE CARE”

A message from the President

John St Germain

Unionville Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.

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