Water Heaters


Own Your Own Power Vent Gas Water Heater

ProLine XE power vent models are superior, ultra-quiet power vent water heaters that supply ultimate satisfaction with abundant hot water, quiet operation, reliability and performance. Manufactured for use in a variety of applications, including combo-heating, John Wood power vents are the ideal choice for professional installers.

Unionville Heating sells installs and removes the old unit.  We will also recycle the old unit or let the rental company pickup the old rental water heater.

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Product Features

  • John Wood ProLine XE models are residential water heaters with commercial-grade quality
  • ENERGY STAR qualified (except 60 & 75 gallon models) with up to a 0.70 Energy Factor
  • Exclusive TankSaver design prolongs tank life – glass lining provides superior protection against tank corrosion
  • Heat traps on the water inlet and outlet reduces the amount of heat lost through piping, improving energy efficiency
  • Robust air intake snorkel inhibits flammable vapours from entering the combustion chamber
  • Sensor detects flammable vapours and automatically disables the unit to prevent their ignition
  • Ideal as a replacement water heater in a variety of applications due the 3-position rotatable blower
  • State-of-the-art electronic gas control features advanced self-diagnostic capability that makes troubleshooting easy
  • Flexible venting options: it can be vented with 2”, 3” or 4” ULC S636 PVC, CPVC or polypropylene pipe up to 180 equivalent feet (see installation manual for full details)
  • Available for both natural gas or propane



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