Ultra Violet Purifier

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Clean Comfort, Ultraviolet light air purifiers with Cobalt. UVX Series ultra-violet purifiers are ideal for offices, lounges, smoking rooms, day care centers, and any location where clean air is desired.

  • Large, high-intensity, 19 mm self-cleaning (no maintenance), quartz germicidal UVC and UVV oxidizing lamp
  • Cobalt coating for enhanced performance
  • UVC attacks micro-organisms on a molecular level helping to deactivate and destroy the contaminant
  • UVV oxidizes chemicals and odours into non-offensive by-products

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Installation of a whole house UV air purifier takes about an hour. Can be added to almost any household furnace.

Features for UVX-DM1700/UVX-DM4000 Air Purifier

  • Reduces chemical and biological odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Larger, high-intensity UVC/UVV 19mm, quartz, dualzone lamp for more purifying area
  • Easy, one-lever lamp clamp
  • Patented, high-efficiency aluminum turbulator at reflector
  • inlet slows contaminated air to be mixed around the UV lamp
  • Aluminum reflector can be rotated in 90-degree increments on the back plate
  • Designed to be installed in the return plenum
  • Hard-wired to HVAC System
  • In-duct installation
  • “Plug & Play” Operation; pressure sensor automatically turns purifier on and off (UVX-DM4000)


Features for UVX-PR12/UVX-PR18 Object Purifier

  • Reduces bacteria and viruses
  • Patent-pending, aluminum parabolic reflector directs and intensifies all the UV energy to the desired area
  • Parabolic reflector can be rotated 360 degrees around the lamp
  • Can be installed above or inside the A-coil
  • Patented parabolic reflector designed to protect the drain pan from UV degradation
  • Lamp available in 12” and 18” lengths


Standard Features for All Models

  • High intensity, 19mm, quartz, germicidal UVC lamp
  • (UVX-PR Series) and UVC/UVV germicidal oxidizing lamp (UVX-DM Series)
  • Ultra-Bright LED “Smart Lamp System” visual display
  • CSA/NRTL certified


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