Furnace Backup Power During Electricity Outage

Get backup power to your furnace during a power outage

Get backup power to your furnace during a power outage.

All you need is CarGenerator™ and an extension cord.  When the power goes out due to high winds, heavy rain or ice, just plug in CarGenerator.

You already own 75% of a backup generator, sitting right there in your driveway! Add CarGenerator to your vehicle, and you have the world’s most reliable, longest running, ultralight, no maintenance backup power solution.

Your car equipped with CarGenerator is a backup generator and will run 1000W of appliances and devices.

  • Your home furnace and sump pump, to keep your house warm and dry when the power goes out.
  • Your fridge, to keep the food (and beer) cold in the summer weather
  • A few lights and TV’s, computers, and more
  • Medical devices: if you haven’t been camping in a while because you need your CPAP, oxygen machine, and other medical device, now you can go!

Modern furnaces are constructed with electronic circuit boards and are sensitive to the quality of electrical power.  Like most electronics a furnace requires pure sine wave clean power. CarGenerator provides this type of power which makes it safe to run with sensitive electronics.

How much power can this provide?

The amount of power provided varies by vehicle. The first and most important goal is to power your gas furnace to keep your house warm. CarGenerator testing shows that a typical furnace needs between 100-400 watts of solid power to run. After that everything else is a bonus up to the maximum your vehicle can provide. Once your furnace is running and you see how much power it uses, you can then add cellphone chargers, laptops, ipads, tablets, computers, a few lights, fridges and freezers depending on what your car provides. You can also rotate devices in shifts, so plug in fridges/ freezers for a few hours then switch to power other devices for a few hours to maximize your available power.

Unionville Heating and Air Conditioning is currently offering a discount on the all CarGenerator All Weather 1000W unit (regular price $895) for purchase at $795 when accompanied by a new furnace purchase.

Please contact our sales department to place your order.


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