Deep Cleaning Service With Spring A/C Maintenance

How long has it been since an HVAC professional last serviced your A/C unit?  If your answer is years, you’ve likely got years of dirt caked onto your cooling fins.

Unionville Heating provides an exclusive service for deep-cleansing of your outdoor A/C unit. Cleaning will prolong the life of your air conditioning system. Extend your air conditioner’s efficiency and years of service by having it professionally deep-cleaned.

How And Why To Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

Failure occurs because the unit is not clean, and you can extend its life by deep-cleaning it. Take it apart and wash it. Do this, and you’ll be cool for a long time.

Service begins by removing the grill and inspecting the wiring control box. Next, eliminate the dust blanket and clean the air conditioning coils. A/C coils extract heat from the house. The problem with a dirty A/C unit is that debris insulates the coils with caked-on layers of dust, preventing efficient cooling. You could save yourself two or three years of system replacement by performing a deep-clean service on your air conditioning unit. Deep-cleaning will extend the life of your unit. As we move towards recessionary times, repairing will be more cost-effective compared to replacement of the A/C.

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Recycling Expired AC Units

We recycle all used HVAC equipment including AC coils which failed due to insufficient cleaning.  The images below demonstrate a dirty AC coil.  The life of the AC unit could have been extended if the coil was deep-cleaned and maintained.  We care!

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