Cost to remove an old furnace

How much does it cost to remove an old furnace?

With Unionville Heating and Air Conditioning there is no additional charge to remove and dispose of your old HVAC parts.  We care about the environment and would not leave you with the burden of having to remove your old furnace.  Old furnace and A/C removal cost is free with Unionville Heating.

Once your new A/C or furnace is installed, we’ll take your old unit away.  You recycle every week at the curb side separating cardboard, cans and glass.  However municipal waste collectors will not pick up your old furnace or air unit.  Just because an item doesn’t belong in your recycling bin doesn’t mean that you can’t get rid of it responsibly.  Unionville Heating and Air Conditioning will do that for you.

We make sure your old furnace or air conditioning unit doesn’t end up in the land fill.  We separate the components and work with a recycling expert to ensure the materials enter the recovery stream according to the type of waste.

Unionville Heating has been recycling furnace and air conditioning units for over 35 years.  We have recovered close to 20 tons of refrigerant since then.

Regular maintenance benefits.

Regular inspection, old furnace repair, or replacement is important. Repairs will give you better furnace service life.  A new furnace will provide safe and cost-effective heating that you may not have realized you were living without.

Have your furnace and air conditioning unit serviced once a year. Find a company you trust and stick with them.  The cheapest guy on the block is probably not going to do the best job, so look for a professional, not just Jimmy down the street who is HVAC certified.  Keep records of HVAC service. One day if you sell the house, documents of well-maintained large components will help with the salability of the home.

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  • John St Germain

    We feel that if we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem. Although it adds value to our customers knowing we work hard in their home and outside their to keep the environment safe from leaking AC units and mercury in the old manual thermostats.
    Our mission statement is WE CARE and we do.

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