REZNOR Garage Heaters

Reznor’s V3 Series UDAP high efficiency heaters are excellent for space heating applications.

These gas-fired unit heaters are power vented in order to eliminate heat losses up the flue pipe. Power vented models have a higher initial cost than similar “gravity” vented models, but will save money on fuel costs. UDAP heaters are designed for 82-83% thermal efficiency often meeting utility company thresholds for rebate incentives.

All Reznor V3 series heaters are CSA Design Certified, and have a refreshing appearance with a glossy white cabinet finish.



Standard Features

  • Up to 93% Thermal efficient
  • 50-60 degree F Rise range
  • Arranged for use with natural gas (propane conversion kit included with unit)
  • NEW Tcore3   409 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • NEW patented Tcore single burner combustion system including a one-piece burner assembly
  • NEW extruded aluminum secondary heat exchanger (patent pending)
  • 115/1/60 Supply voltage
  • 115 Volt open fan motor with internal overload protection
  • Transformer for 24-volt controls
  • Integrated circuit board with diagnostic indicator lights
  • Multi-try direct ignition with 100% lockout
  • Fan relay (included on the circuit board)
  • Single-stage natural gas valve (field adjustable for operation to 10,000 ft. [3,000 meters] elevation)
  • Vibration/noise isolated fan motor
  • Sealed control compartment houses all electrical components
  • 48 frame, ball bearing, PSC venter motor
  • 4-point Suspension
  • Built-in disconnect switch (20A @ 115V Rating)
  • External terminal strip for 24-volt wiring
  • Sealed junction box for supply wiring
  • External gas connection
  • Fully gasketed door panel with safety door switch
  • Full fan guard ~ engineered for safety
  • Improved cabinet design with less visible hardware and a NEW Reznor appearance

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